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      Product Information
      1. It is mainly composed of oxygen source connector, oxygen tube, oxygen humidifier bottles and nasal plug (double head);
      2. Compact coordination among accessories of disposable nasal oxygen tube, which is not easy to fall off after assembly;
      3. Connect the interface of oxygen generator securely and tightly, so that oxygen will not leak off;
      4. Suitable for all kinds of oxygen inhalers and machines;
      5. The bottle body adopts injection molding, the bottle body is uniform and can withstand pressure well;
      6. Reduce the risk of excessive pressure during use;
      7. The fully automatic filling process in the aseptic workshop can eliminate the pollution in the production process.
      technical data
      Technical parameters:
      The maximum milliliter of the cup is 120ml-230ml
      1-10l adjustable, the error is not more than 5%
      The minimum suction flow rate is 1L/MIN and the maximum is 10L/MIN
      The cup body is marked with graduated lines and does not break under the action of not less than 0.4MPA
      Main materials: PVC、PP
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